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c’mon niners

c’mon niners

Attractive, Durable, Smart. What is Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture


South Beach chasie lounge with Logo Red cushions

Dock of the Bay, what a comfortable place to lay

Probably the first thing people think about when considering outdoor furniture is looks,  comfort  and price.  They are maybe redoing their backyards and want something special to really make the area shine, glow to look outstanding, to make their friends and neighbors say “wow! this is fantastic!” And there is nothing wrong with that after all we all want nice things and we certainly want to wow our friends. We want comfort and we want something that is going to last, especially nowadays, with a tight economy and more awareness of  our environment, durability is a real consideration. And finally we want price. Most folks look at something and then look at the price, which makes sense because if it is out of your price range then you probably drop it from consideration, unless of course one or both of the first two mentioned criteria s are so fantastic that you just have to have it or it is the perfect color for that odd little corner. But generally speaking we have a price range and more or less try to stay within that range.


So attractive, durable (and comfortable) affordable or good value, are all top considerations when looking at outdoor furniture and a lot of other things as well. Where does the smart part come in? Well, getting a good value is smart isn’t it. Getting something that will last for a very very long time is smart isn’t it, turning old plastics into useful and attractive and durable outdoor furniture is real smart, wish I had thought of that. Certainly keeping non biodegradable plastic out of landfills is smart and owning outdoor furniture that never needs painting, can be left out all year round in any weather, and is pretty much indestructible is top of the class smart.

Now the only question is what style and what color, all of our Poly-wood outdoor furniture comes in 7 earth tone colors, and several styles also come in 6 more vibrant colors. We offer everything from bar stools to chaise lounges, to rockers to deep seating with planter boxes thrown in for good measure.


Interesting Fun Facts About Recycled plastic

If you have seen our recycled plastic furniture in person or online, you know it is colorful, you know it is sturdy, you might also have noticed the wood grain texture, which by the way not all manufacturers have, and if you had the chance to sit in a chair you know how comfortable and solid it really is. But what you probably never even wondered about ( okay  a few folks did wonder and asked me) is just how many milk jugs does it take to make one Adirondack chair? Well of course there are many variables, what style of chair, what size, and of course what day it  was it made on. Just kidding the day it was made on doesn’t matter, of course if it was sunny outside… I’ll stop sorry. It is estimated to take 240 typical 1 gallon plastic milk jugs to make one Adirondack type chair.

Now also keep in mind that recycled plastic furniture is not made using milk jugs alone. Nope, fascinating factoid number 2, the plastic that is used is #2 HDPE. This is a specific type of plastic and is used for  a pretty wide range of items:

  • Cereal box liners

    Some different #2 platics

  • non carbonated beverages ( juices mostly)
  • Margarine -“butter” tubs (refers to an old commercial if you don’t’ remember just skip ahead, if you do remember you probably can’t skip anymore)
  • Deli food packaging
  • Bread trays
  • Household cleaners
  • Detergents.

There are more, check this EHow site for even more info.

In 2007 , according to the EPA, 29.3% of HDPE was recycled in the U.S.   Wow! that is a lot bread trays and butter tubs, a person will likely need some detergent to wash the deli stains out of their shirt  and of course laundry work could make a person thirsty so they might just pop open a non carbonated drink to cool their pipes. Which reminds me, plastic piping is also  often made with  HDPE  because of its chemical resistance properties.

One more little marvelous morsel of meaningful musings. From the days of dumping garbage pretty much anywhere or even burning it in a backyard incinerator (guilty!) when recycling  meant to ride your bike again and landfills were amazing “dumps” of anything and everything, up until 1990 when the percentage of MSW (municipal solid waste) that was being recycled hit 15% of the total, we are now as of 2008 recycling at a rate of 33.2% of the total MSW. Sure, still lots of room for improvement but it would be hard to deny we are heading in the right direction.

recycled plastic outdoor chair, pacific blue, green frog owner

Jerry And Max Bodega Bay CA

So, while  I sit here warm and cozy and my recycled plastic chairs sit outside, safe in any weather, I can certainly take comfort in knowing there is plenty of HDPE available to make lots of Adirondack chairs and tables, and ottomans too,  and all you wonderful folks who are reading this now know that not only will you get a fantastic chair(s) and tables that will last this just side of forever, you will be partaking in this huge and positive recycling program.

I think you  some cookies and milk, and remember to drop the milk jug into your local recycling bin, it just may come back to you as part of an Adirondack chair.

Outdoor Furniture Is the Last Thing On My MInd

Bet the title  is exactly how a lot of folks are feeling right now. Here it is  less than two weeks before Christmas, you still have most (okay ALL of your shopping to do), there is a real good chance that wherever you are in the USA your faced with some pretty severe weather, the economy is still struggling, and no matter your political persuasion things are less than rosy.

And this guy is writing about outdoor furniture? Well, I did say it was the last thing on my mind. For me that is true  because my outdoor furniture is made of recycled plastic and is therefore virtually indestructible. I don’t have to think about did I cover the chaise up, or I gotta bring the chairs inside, or painting or this or that or anything else about it. My outdoor furniture from Polywood can be buried in  snow or awash in torrential rain. It can be covered with ice. It can be sitting on a now muddy lawn. No matter the weather come spring it will be ready to go. All I will need to do is hose it off, let it dry and we are ready for spring and summer.

Unlike wood, that rots or splits or splinters or aluminum that fatigues and rusts or wrought iron that gets rusty or any other material used for outdoor furniture,  my patio furniture  is quite simply immune to such things, which  means I don’t have  anything to prevent from happening or fix if it did happen.

In fact, I can rest completely assured that whatever is going on outside, my Polywood recycled plastic outdoor  furniture will be just fine.

I can cross it off my list, which is nice now we are getting somewhere, now all that is left is the Christmas shopping.

Ho ho ho and I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and we all have a fantastic new year!recycled plastic lifeguard chair from Green Frog Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture That Stands Up So You Can Sit Down

Well it doesn’t actually stand, but our furniture which is made of 99.5% recycled plastic certainly can withstand (there is that word again) pretty much anything the weather can dish out, including snow storms and blizzards, torrential rains and high winds. Actually this is not much of a feet ( oops thinking about that word stand again-) feat at all. See, recycled plastic first of all is non porous. So the wet and damp of winter is not going to get into the material. This is key, because if nothing penetrates the surface, then any resulting damage like mold, rot, splitting, cracking, mildew  simply doesn’t have a leg to, well you know what I mean. Okay your saying, but what about the screws and stuff that hold the chairs and table together? Good point, and the answer to that is the fasteners, are made of stainless steel and have a coating of XYLAN!  Now for the guy in the back rolling his eyes and heading to the exit let me explain this a bit. Xylan is a synthetic material that has been used on our space shuttle systems for heat protection. It is a coating originally meant to protect the shuttles and has also been found to be good for overall protection against other harsh elements. Not magical but it does add another layer of protection against rust and corrosion.
Right now in most regions of the USA folks aren’t sitting outdoors, in fact in a lot of places outdoors is buried in several feet of snow. if your outdoor furniture is made of recycled plastic you can take comfort that when the freezing snow and wind and rain and sleet finally do give way to warm breezes and long summer nights, your furniture will be ready to go, you won’t have to repair winter damage, you won’t need to sand, stain, seal or paint, if fact you won’t need to do anything  but just hose it off grab a cool drink and sit down! That is so cool I can hardly , well, stand it.

Long Lasting, Maintenance Free, and Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

This time of year a lot of folks, after having pulled out the outdoor furniture from last year or years before and finding it rusty or moldy, split- cracked- or splintered or in need a a fresh coat of paint or stain or any of a whole range of shortcomings that befall typical outdoor furniture, are thinking about just buying something new. It is after all the American way. Amazingly a lot has changed just from last year when you or someone you know folded up the last deck chair and packed it into the garage or storage shed or pulled the almost leak proof vinyl cover over it and pronounced the end of summer.old wooden adirondack chair

Purse strings have tightened in general but also folks are a lot more particular about what they spend their hard earned money on. Of course overall awareness of our environment is steadily increasing and the practice of recycling things is gaining a bigger foothold all the time. the old notion of  our throwaway society is being replaced by the idea of sustainability and reuse, of  reclaiming and recycling instead of just blithely tossing things in the garbage to be taken off somewhere.

Along with that growing mindset is the idea of knowing where something comes from, how is it made, and where will it end up when your done with it. Recycling programs all over are gaining in use and popularity which is great.

But folks also want value, they want things that are going to last and hold up. A large portion of our population are known as baby boomers, though they haven’t been babies for about 50 years or more, they none the less continue to have a very very large impact on trends and practices and one of those emerging trends is they do not want to spend time sanding or painting or repairing their outdoor furniture anymore. They want to simply be able to go outside, sit in their favorite chair and enjoy, whether that means reading or listening to 8 tracks (just kidding) or whatever. They do not want to be bothered with upkeep and maintenance.

Poly-wood traditional rockersOh and one other thing, very important though. They want to be comfortable.

Very important factor this, after all what good is a eco-friendly, recycled, colorful and pretty, virtually indestructible, carefree and maintenance free outdoor chair if it isn’t comfortable to sit in.  Not much I would say.

So back to our folks who might be out looking this year for outdoor furniture. Things are a bit tight economically, you want to get  the most bang for your buck but you definitely do not want to be doing this same shopping trip  again in a few years, you want something that will last, furniture that you can sit in and not work on. Your mindful of the benefits of being eco-friendly after all the earth has a finite supply of resources (see oil )  so while being recycled isn’t likely your number one priority it is on the list.

Bottom line is simple, you or your friends want a good deal, a care free, no maintenance, long lasting, and comfortable outdoor chair. And I know just where you can get that.

Welcome to Green Frog Outdoor Furniture.

green frog outdoor furniture owner

Jerry Wilkinson, owner of Green Frog Outdoor Furniture, LLC and Hercules

How To Choose a Color For Your Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture

This is one of the biggest questions I run into, right up there with what style is what color? It is a legitimate question to be sure, and with a dozen choices from Poly-Wood alone, it isn’t made any easier. Most people envision their house color or the garden colors or what ever else is in the area they plan on putting their new outdoor furniture. I can tell you one thing, the color is going to last, or as a Rolling Stones song title says, Not Fade Away. Did I date myself there? So the bright Sunset Red or Lemon Yellow or Lime Green is going to be that color for a long long time, unlike most wood furniture that will fade into a dingy gray Poly-Wood is going to stay colorful for years to come.Long Island dining Chairs

So while I cannot choose your color, and I can tell you it will stay whatever color you choose I would like to share some of the solutions I have heard for this dilemma. The first one is you don’t have to match the house or anything else. Choose a color that you like simply because you like it. If your house has blue trim and but you like the Sunset Red chairs, it will look fine. The outdoor furniture is an accent and there are no rules.

One solution that I think works well and it is exactly what the couple who were my first customers did, they couldn’t decide on just one color so they bought a chair and table in four different colors and placed them on their front patio. Outdoor furniture should be fun and the Lemon Yellow and Pacific Blue next to the Sunset Red and Lime Green were certainly colorful on their Spanish style adobe home patio with its red tile roof and dark brown wood trim.

It is even possible to mix the colors within the chairs themselves. I have mixed a orange seat and back with a lime green legs and arm rests, and did the exact opposite with lime green seat and back and orange legs and armrests. It is not difficult and certainly offers some interesting combination’s depending on the colors you have.

Poly-Wood adirondack chairs in red, lime green and pacific blue

Adirondack Chairs in Sunset Red, Lime Green and Pacific Blue

Long Island Adirondacks in Lemon Yellow, Tangering Orange and  Aruba

Long Island Adirondacks, side tables and ottomans, Lemon Yellow, Tangerine Orange and Aruba